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Set Sound from Stereo Mix
(or “What U Hear”) in Camstudio

This video was in response to a question I got at YouTube asking how to set up the “Stereo Mix” (also called “What U Hear”) sound settings so you can record the sound and audio into a Camstudio screen recording. This will explain how to record in Camstudio 2.6 (and also version 2.0) what you hear from your speakers, enabling you to record sound from games and iTunes, Vlan, etc. as well as mixing in the microphone simultaneously (which I have plugged into my Line In input in this video).

It also explains how to enable or make visible the volume control for Stereo Mix/What U Hear if it isn’t visible already, if that option if actually available to you.

For people using Realtek HD Audio Input and a few other audio cards, you will need to allow the stereo mix to appear (enable it) and then make it the active input:

1. Enter the Sounds and Audio Devices control panel.

2. Click on the “Audio” Tab at the top.
Click the Sound Recording “Volume” button.

You can also get to the this panel from the CamStudio
Options/Audio Options/Audio Options for Microphone “Volume” button:

3. In the Recording Controls panel, drop down the “Options” menu and select “Properties”

4. Make sure “Stereo Mix” is checked and click ok.

5. Then, in the “Record” Section look for “Stereo Mix” and select it as your input:

Keep the volume level on Stereo Mix pretty low so it doesn’t clip. (Distort)

6. You now can use the regular Master Volume sliders to control the mix.
Remember, the Mic input here in the “Master Volume” control is usually muted by default, so if you are using the mic input, be certain to un-mute it! BTW – the sound from your media players, browsers, etc. is coming through the “Wave” input slider.

If you have trouble with this, there are excellent videos on the subject at YouTube.

2 Responses to
Set Sound from Stereo Mix
(or “What U Hear”) in Camstudio

  1. Using Logitech 920. I just want to make a webcam video with:

    Left Audio = Vocal
    Right Audio = Instrument (Guitar, Piano Keyboard, etc.)

    Will the webcam accept an EXTERNAL stereo signal?


    Is stereo the exclusive domain of the webcam built-in mics?

  2. I do not know if it is possible or not to pan the webcam mic to the hard left and then mix a line-in signal into hard right, but with some manipulations of the “Listen” check-boxes it may be possible.
    I cannot test this idea this week, but please try some things and get back to me if you have any success. I may be able to fiddle with this after Thanksgiving.


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