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Audio and Lighting Settings for Hangouts-On-Air

At the prompting of Debbie Horovitch (at Social Sparkle and Shine and instructor of the Celebrity Hangouts on Air Producers course), Michael J. Procopio and I recorded this video as a Hangout-On-Air. It covers settings and many of the considerations for getting good sound and lighting for your own productions.

Interestingly, I not only described how the audio manages to go out of sync during a recording, but actually demonstrated it with my own audio going out of sync! As Michael remarked afterward, “At least now people will know how that happens!” This might be because – shockingly for the topic of this video! – I am using the Logitech C920 webcam’s built-in mic as my better mic was set up in the studio. Well, this audio isn’t THAT bad, except for the sync problems!!!

Here is a paste of the contents of the “Show More” portion of the video at YouTube:

Summary of the tips:

Have a good microphone, USB types will make it easier and quieter

USB Mics

• Logitech, Samson, Audio technica ATR2100 (has USB out AND XLR)

• blue snowflake US$40, snowball US$49, yetti US$95

Affordable XLR Mics

• Shure SM57 US$100, SM58 US$100 requires XLR preamp or Preamp with USB adapter like the Focusrite 2i2 shown in the video.

• they go up in price from there for example RODE makes very high quality microphones but at reasonable prices from $230 and up. (comparable to $2000 mics from other manufacturers)

Video on Three-Point Lighting

Three Point Lighting for Video

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