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Terry’s Tech Show #2 – Optimizing and Camera Tricks in OBS

This show covers optimizing Windows for doing streaming and a few multi-camera tricks in OBS.

Referring to the Optimization section of this video — First shut off as much as possible from the tray. Uninstall as many programs as you can. (continued below…)

Then, in the task manager (arrived at by right-clicking the task bar and picking “Task Manager” from the menu that appears)

Services Tab: DO THESE FIRST!

Services I shut down:

Bonjour Service (may only allow being stopped as a process)

CinemaNow Service

FreeAgentGoNext Service — Seagate Service

gupdate — Google Update Service

gupdatem — Google Update Service

LxrSII1s — Lexar Secure II (thumbdrive security)

Real Networks Downloader Resolver Service

rtpMIDIService (special to me – network MIDI cable)

SDRSVC — Windows Backup – likely not running

SgtSch2Svc — Seagate Scheduler2 Service

Teamviewer9 (or whatever version you have installed)

WSearch — Windows Search

wuauserv — Windows Update

Processes Tab:

Processes I End


FreeAgentService.exe (may end with shutting down service above)

hpqtra08.exe HP Digital Imaging Monitor (may end with shutting down service from


jusched.exe (Java update scheduler)

LxrSII1s.exe (may end with shutting down service above)

mDNSResponder.exe (Bonjour Service – may end with shutting down service above)

MySpeed.exe (may end with shutting down service from Tray)

NvBackend.exe (Nvidia GeForce Experience Backend)

nvSCPAPISvr.exe (Stereo Vision Control Panel API Server)

nvxdsync.exe (NVIDIA User Experience Driver Component)

realsched.exe (RealNetworks Scheduler)

rtpMIDISvc.exe (may end with shutting down service above)

schedul2.exe (Seagate Scheduler 2)

SearchIndexer.exe (may end with shutting down Windows Search service above – may
still need to re-stop Windows Search if this is running when stopping above)

SmartMenu.exe (HP SmartMenu media players)

TeamViewer_Service.exe (may end with shutting down service above)

All these will start up again when you restart your machine, so don’t worry.

Please suggest other Services people can safely stop or Processes they can end to improve their performance for streaming! Thanks!

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