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Terry’s Tech Show #3 – OBS – Including an HOA into the Show and Making Masks

This is the third of a series of tech shows I’ll be presenting weekly. The software being discussed on this show is available at and is open source and free. It allows professional switching and composing of scenes with cameras and screen shares together that you can stream into YouTube Live Events among other streaming sites.

This week, we’ll discuss methods to get an HOA or “Hangout-On-Air” into the show you are hosting, so they see both your camera AND the participants in the HOA. (Actually, it could be an HVC or “Hangout Video Call” just as easily, but it is not a bad idea to have the HOA as a backup show in case the Live Event had problems and doesn’t record or stream optimally.) I’ll include how to make masks out of PNG files and work with the audio, and we’ll bring in the HOA/HVC from both a separate computer via a capture card and on the same machine as the OBS encoder/switcher exists on for comparison.

Thanks especially to Dan McDermott for the original inspiration behind this technique, and to Michael Mason and Hosted Hangouts for pushing the envelope even further. Dan and Michael are truly producers-extraordinaire exploring the possibilities of these hybrid types of programs.

On Google+:

Dan McDermott –
Michael Mason –
Hosted Hangouts –

Next week we’ll cover more audio options. Here are the links mentioned in the video if you cannot wait!

Voicemeeter Program:
HowTo Video:


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If you are an enthusiast and have your own tricks you’d like to share on the show, give me a few days notice by email so I can invite you in. I can hold up to 9 panelists/guests per show.

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