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“How To Use CamStudio” Tutorial Video Series Now Available at YouTube!

I finally got these “How to Use CamStudio” tutorial videos up at YouTube!

(If you were on my mailing list, of course, you knew about this a couple days ago!)  ;-)

I’ll be writing additional posts to go into more depth in writing about each, individual video, but below you will find the entire contents, plus there is a custom play-list so you can plow through all of them in one sitting (which is what I would do… but you are not expected to be that crazy!)

Here is a link to the entire playlist:

Please rate & favorite, comment, and subscribe! It will help others to find this playlist in the future at YouTube and in the search engines. By the way, I do reply to all comments people make at YouTube., as well as those made here, naturally!

This was a long wait, but I hope it is worth it to everyone. Please do not hesitate to add comments and suggestions to this post here as well.

Here is the playlist’s “Table of Contents”:

“How to Use CamStudio” tutorials 01a – Installing the Software – Download and Install Camstudio

“How to Use CamStudio” tutorials 01b – Installing Add-on Software – Sizer, Zoomit, and VirtualDub

Saving and Recalling “Sizer” Set-ups Stored In The Registry

“How to Use CamStudio” tutorials 02a – Comparison of CamStudio v2.0 and v2.6

“How to Use CamStudio” tutorials 02b – Copying Help Files From 2.0 to 2.6beta

“How to Use CamStudio” tutorials 03a – Best Settings for CamStudio to Sync Audio and Video

“How to Use CamStudio” tutorials 03b – Optimizing Your PC Display Settings For Screen Recording

“How to Use CamStudio” tutorials 03c – Recording Speakers & Mic Using Stereo Mix in Windows 7

“How to Use CamStudio” tutorials 03d – How To Set Sound from Stereo Mix (What U Hear)

“How to Use CamStudio” tutorials 04a – Installing the K-Lite-Full (or Mega) Codec Pack

“How to Use CamStudio” tutorials 04b – Installing the CamStudio Lossless Codec 1.5 via 2.6Beta

“How to Use CamStudio” tutorials 04c – Installing the Software – Installing DivX

“How to Use CamStudio” tutorials 05a – Installing the Software – 16-bit Color Codecs

“How to Use CamStudio” tutorials 05b – Installing the CamStudio Software – 32-bit Color Codecs

Color Bars and Tone (HD 1080i60) 1kHz -12db

Virtual Audio Cable Tutorial

PM5644 test pattern with 1kHz tone (HD 720px)

Enjoy! I hope they are helpful to you all.



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“How To Use CamStudio” Tutorial Video Series Now Available at YouTube!”

  1. Hi Terry,

    thanks a lot for your series of excellent tutorial videos of CamStudio on Youtube. I got a lot of new information and I love your style of presentation.

    Regarding your video 02b – copying the old help files from 2.0 to 2.6 folder – I am wondering if it would be better to ‘decompile’ the new help.chm file which with comes with version 2.6.

    This can be done easily by opening this file with for instance the program 7-zip and extracting it to a folder of your choice. Rename the file index.html to help.htm (without the letter ‘l’) and copy all these files and folders into the folder of CamStudio 2.6. This way you got the help information corresponding to the newest version 2.6.

    Best regards

  2. 1. terrific videos, you can and DO teach. Thanks.

    2. in the second video of the sequence, 01b, you say “this is the fourth section”… so, where are the two between the first and this one?

    3. I was “shocked” to see you are using FreeMind, almost nobody shows using that great program. Could I get a copy of the one you are using on the video? Any other uses?

    thanks again for the great help you have created.

  3. Excellent suggestion, Ulrich! I’ll give that a try!


  4. Luis,

    Thank you for your kind words.

    In the playlist, the videos are no longer in the original sequence they were made in. I know now to leave out sequential references from my videos in the future! I rearranged the playlist into an order that seemed better organized well after the fact of recording them.

    Freemind is fantastic! I actually have migrated over to its sibling, FreePlane recently, and I love the look and feel of that interface just a bit better, plus many features exist there that Freemind is catching up to. They will always be in friendly competition. The export features in FreePlane are terrific! I’ve been using the “stable version” of 1.1.3 for months.

    I did not make the original mind map used in the videos available for download, because it is a HUGE mind map that goes well beyond the content I have produced so far. I should export a branch with the content we do cover and put that mind map onto the site, definitely! Watch for that to get done soon!

    Again, thanks for your comments and do keep in touch. I’m helping people over at the CamStudio forums so check in there as well!


  5. Hi,

    I love the video series! It’s an amazing piece of work. Thank you so much! You mentioned in the first video that you hoped we had gotten a copy of the mindmap that you are working with in the video series. The only thing I could find about it is the blurb above where you say that you’re planning to export a branch of it with the content you do cover and put it on “the site”. Are you referring to the youtube site cuz I couldn’t find it there. On the go forward it would be so helpful to have that to refer back to and to learn from. Does it exist anywhere?

    thanks again for all your hard work.
    Steve in Sacramento, Ca.

  6. I have not done anything with that yet, but keep nagging me! I will get something up both at YouTube and at soon!

  7. Any idea on when that might possibly be? I’ve been trying to learn how to use the program (it’s not quite as intuitive as it seems at first glance), so I watched your whole video series above on Youtube (How To Use Camstudio). Problem is, none of those videos actually show us how to USE the program. All of those videos show us how to INSTALL the program, and its myriad of useful additions.

    I’ve even forgotten how to get back to that Freeplane graph thing I saw around here yesterday with all those other topics. So I guess my question is: Is there a set of videos that you can refer us to that teach us how to USE Camstudio once it’s installed and ready to go?


  8. I don’t know when I’ll get to correcting all the bad links in that old FreePlane mind map, but keep reminding me and I’ll find a free day to devote to that eventually. Good idea on doing a “How to USE CamStudio” series. I’ll post here when that is done. Did you watch the 2-hour “Secrets of CamStudio” webinar?

7 Responses to “How To Use CamStudio” Tutorial Video Series Now Available at YouTube!

  1. Hi Terry, I am having a problem with finding a copy of Ver. 2.0 of Cam studio. I can only seem to be able to download the new 2.6 Ver. I want to copy the help files for my new Ver. The video you have up only tells you how to get the files if you already have 2.0.
    Please Help Me!
    Charles Johnson

  2. Hi,
    I’ve downloaded and installed the Divx codec and the Camstudio losless codec 1.4 that’s linked from the website and neither are appearing in the list of codecs in the program. What can I do to make them work?
    Rick recently posted..Big Brother housemates 2012My Profile

  3. Go to SourceForge and look in the “Next” folder, and download the CamStudio version 2.6c – – it fixes the missing codecs issue. I advise against using CamStudio Lossless, though. It uses a ton of disk space, and is only for exceptional circumstances, like where archival materials are absolutely required. I use Jawor’s Xvid personally, and it appears fine in 2.6b. – get the 32-bit version or the combo (CamStudio needs the 32-bit version).

  4. I’m having several problems with CamStudio.
    First, I’m trying to record Minecraft videos. When I record, all seems to work well, except the keys will randomly get stuck, so I’ll just keep walking/sneaking/jumping, unable to stop. Secondly, I get literally 2 fps on the recording. On screen the fps are great though. I am running a bootcamped windows 7 mac, and am using all of the recommended settings from this video. Help!

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