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CamStudio (and more!) Mind Map

Here is a mind-map I originally researched and created thinking to sell a course on using CamStudio. But soon afterwards, I became the “help desk guy” for this cool, open-source (FREE) software, and although the Open-Source credo allows selling support materials, I just didn’t feel right. So, I started this site, and then produced the CamStudio tutorial video series you see on YouTube today, and several of the videos there now have surpassed 10,000 views!

At the time that I was preparing the above-mentioned “CamStudio class for sale”, I had made this extensive mind-map that was going to be included with the course. It wound up abandoned and forgotten until recently, when I noticed I had mentioned it in a few of the videos. Here it is at last in a Java (web-clickable) format for everyone to use free-of-charge. (You’ll need Java installed:

If you cannot see the Java version, here is an HTML version of my CamStudio Mind Map that accomplishes the same aims. Click on the little red curly tilde to download files using that one.

Here is also a download link for a .mm version of this should you wish to install FreePlane (the beta version is fine) or FreeMind as mind mapping tools (the .mm extension works with several mind-mapping tools now as well, I believe.)

If you’d like to say “Thanks!!!” by making a donation of some (any) amount, you can do it via this PayPal Donate button here. I call these my “Buy Me A Coffee” donations! My thanks to you for even considering doing it!

(Sorry, but the Java version is broken in Firefox for me… Maybe it works for you, but meanwhile, see HTML version for now, or download the .mm file above. Chrome is working as of now.)


16 Responses to CamStudio (and more!) Mind Map

  1. I just wish some developers would step-up and get this thing back in business(working smoothly). It has a ton of potential as I don’t see screen recording going away any time soon. Thanks for all you have done. Love the youtube series. I can’t get the lossless codec to install. I installed the latest version on and it installs the lossless 1.5 codec at installation, but it does not show up in options. I am running Windows7x64 and have tried running as admin, and in compatibility mode and does not work. I read in the forums about a fix that requires registry edits, but I really don’t like that because I don’t know much about it. How did you get it installed properly?

  2. The new 2.6c beta (in the “Next” folder at CamStudio’s Sourceforge location) repairs the missing codecs problem, though it re-introduces the one-pixel-added issue to the Fixed Region selection (while fixing the Window region problem). It requires you have 7-zip to unzip it and the MS C++ Runtime Libraries 2010 version rather than the 2008 version the others require (most new computers have this already).

    That said, I use Jawor’s Xvid exclusively now. It is so clean that I no longer have the need for a lossless codec. If I were doing critical takes for editing purposes, perhaps, but I only do tutorial videos that will end up on YouTube. The CamStudio Lossless codec is fairly crude, from what I understand, being essentially “Zip for Video”. The Huffyuv or Lagarith Lossless is likely much more sophisticated. You will not get long video sessions from these, though – that’s the price paid for using lossless. I get up to 3 hours of recording time even with “Use MCI to record” checked (recommended) when I employ plain Xvid or Jawor’s Xvid. Also, get Any Video Converter so you can turn it into formats editors like and/or into MPEG-4 versions that will play correctly on any media player.

  3. for what it’s worth, the embedded java mindmap works perfectly for me. Nice and responsive too. Firefox 12 on Win7 x64.

  4. Hey Terry,

    Did look at some of your posts and videos and stumbled across this blog. I am having issues with video i recorded using camstudio thinking everything went smooth only to find out later that video was sckewed after some 820 frames (30 seconds or so) do you have advice for me on how to fix it? without realising i used custom width and hight for my video..any help/advice you can provide would rescue me from dirty situation its looon video after lot of efforts so dont want to record it again 🙁

  5. Hi Terry,

    I did look at almost all your videos on youtube and thought you will be my last hope to rescue my slanted video.
    Unfortunately I found your video late and by that time I had lost temp avis…

    I only have final complied avi.
    Where bottom left and top right corners are placed correctly however
    Top left has moved few points from its position to right and
    Bottom right has moved few points to left causing video to look like / /

    I tried reducing pixls but it doesn’t work.
    Not sure how crop would work either ? will it not simply cut the video and not change the slant or do I have to
    Resize and crop together ?

    I think i have 32 bit version but there is no way to find out from about box. is there any other way?


  6. I believe I used the crop/resize filter only taking off 1 pixel (or added 1 pixel – either should work), then exported the result as Xvid-compressed again.

    You could TRY resize and crop together… but the thing is, that skewed look is not in the permanent video – it is the result of the size. So, removing or adding a pixel so the dimensions are even-numbered should work. (DivX requires the dimension be divisible by 4, if I recall.)


  7. How do I save a video done with CamStudio to my desk top? I tried it for the first time yewsterday, and upon completion, I saw a preview. Nowhere did it ask me to file it or name the file. How do I do that so I can eventualy upload it on Youtube?

    Also, can’t seem to download Camstudio Lossless Codec V1.4 is that important?
    PS – I am running CamStudio V2.6

  8. First, set the “Default Location” to a special folder in your My Videos folder where you can save your temp files. I advise putting another folder inside that named “failsafe” where you can copy your temp files before attempting a save, just in case something goes wrong (the video will clarify that). The “default location” setting is where the temporary files are put. That is confusing wording, I know… but it is good to make that be in an easy to find folder

    You should also set Options/Program Options/Name of AVI File to “Ask for Filename”

    You probably will need the Xvid codec much more often than the lossless one – lossless is for special, archival needs only, and you’ll at best get a 9 minute recording if that from a lossless one. I get 3 hour recordings using Xvid. See the other articles here about that sort of stuff.


  9. Hi Terry,
    Firstly, I think Camstudio rocks!
    I’ve just installed V2.7 at my new workplace but can’t see any shapes in my screen annotations. I’ve looked at some of your youtube videos but couldn’t find anything on this. Any chance of a link or some extra info?


  10. Heck, you are correct! There is no default shapes library in there. (not in the program folder, at least). I do show the shapes and they are editable on my version, but the old versions had a default.shapes file in there. Here is a download link to get that:

    I’ll ask Nick what’s up with that. I did find a file of the same size called CamShapes.ini in the hidden user/AppData/Roaming folder which may have replaced it. There should be a CamLayout.ini and CamData.ini file in there as well, along with CamStudio.cfg. I suspect those replace the files that used to live in the program folder, so check there first. Here’s the link to download my CamShapes.ini if you want to put a fresh copy in there:


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