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Secrets of Camstudio Webinar Replay



I performed my first ever webinar Saturday, May 28th, 2011 and recorded it so you could watch it later on if you couldn’t attend at the time, or use the recording to review things you may have missed in your notes.


Secrets of CamStudio Webinar Replay (Watch full-screen in 720p HD)

This one was a little disjointed in places (’cause I was a little nervous and this was completely impromptu), but the information is very complete and contains the answers to many people’s questions. I cover video settings, audio settings, sync, the sizer and ZoomIt add-ons, the auto-stop feature, codecs and their applications, and a ton of stuff you will be happy to place into your brain so that you can get more out of screen recording with Camstudio.

I should mention, this was NOT captured using CamStudio, but rather with the GoToWebinar internal Windows Media Player compatible recorder (as a .WMV file, then edited in Windows Movie Maker Live). So, it is a little soft looking compared to my CamStudio recordings due to the compression method they used.

See more at my website, at and get Camstudio at I’m at the forums a lot, so go there, too!

I’ll be doing more webinars, so I’ll let you know when they take place! Enjoy!




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