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This is the Screencast Tutorials specific blog of Terry Leigh Britton.  In this space I hope to provide the best guidance and help for anyone wanting to make screen recordings with audio, or screencasts, with the most accurate information and help for those experiencing problems. Since starting this website, I have become a regular contributor at’s forums and can be reached there OR here for very fast response to questions. (At the forum you also benefit from more people seeing your questions…)

I’m 60 years old, from Ridgefield, CT, but have lived in Cambridge and Boston, MA, NYC and Saugerties, NY, Jersey City, NJ, and most recently, Durham, Winston-Salem, and (currently) Elizabeth City, NC.

On this blog I will cover many areas of intense interest to me concerning the practice, technology and art surrounding screencasting, with an occasional link to a product that I support wholeheartedly – or one I have created myself!

And if you are a geek, you will understand me perfectly! My “Personal Ad” would read: “Nearly Antique Boy Freaky Geek Seeks Girl Freaky Geek. Have a weakness for meekness, but sleek geek girl would be fine even if with a digressive interest in expressing agressive behaviors on occasion. Let’s get together for a peak geek experience!” (Well, like I said – I’m pretty geeky!)

This WordPress blog is hosted at GoDaddy through their new Grid Hosting offering, so these pages should load speedily at all times. When I begin to post viral videos, I will likely use Amazon’s S3 and Cloudfront hosting for the videos, as they are the least expensive for high bandwidth and you only pay for what you use (no monthly). Cloudberry Pro and Free are my upload/download tools of choice for Amazon S3 and Amazon Cloudfront.

Enjoy the blog.