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Here you will find articles and videos helpful to users of Virtual Dub for editing and processing your videos!

CamStudio (and more!) Mind Map

Here is a mind-map I originally researched and created thinking to sell a course on using CamStudio. But soon afterwards, I became the “help desk guy” for this cool, open-source (FREE) software, and although the Open-Source credo allows selling support materials, I just didn’t feel right. So, I started this site, and then produced the CamStudio tutorial video series you see on YouTube today, and several of the videos there now have surpassed 10,000 views!

At the time that I was preparing the above-mentioned “CamStudio class for sale”, I had made this extensive mind-map that was going to be included with the course. It wound up abandoned and forgotten until recently, when I noticed I had mentioned it in a few of the videos. Here it is at last in a Java (web-clickable) format for everyone to use free-of-charge. (You’ll need Java installed:

If you cannot see the Java version, here is an HTML version of my CamStudio Mind Map that accomplishes the same aims. Click on the little red curly tilde to download files using that one.

Here is also a download link for a .mm version of this should you wish to install FreePlane (the beta version is fine) or FreeMind as mind mapping tools (the .mm extension works with several mind-mapping tools now as well, I believe.)

If you’d like to say “Thanks!!!” by making a donation of some (any) amount, you can do it via this PayPal Donate button here. I call these my “Buy Me A Coffee” donations! My thanks to you for even considering doing it!

(Sorry, but the Java version is broken in Firefox for me… Maybe it works for you, but meanwhile, see HTML version for now, or download the .mm file above. Chrome is working as of now.)

Using Virtual Dub With Time-Lapse Video Recordings

You can use VirtualDub (free!) to change the frame-rate for playback to anything you like. Step 1 – load the video Step 2 – in either “Full Processing” (you’re changing compression also) or “Direct Stream Copy” (you’re just changing the frame rate) modes, under the “Video” menu select “Frame Rate” Step 3 – Under “Source…Continue Reading