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PCM or Microsoft ADPCM?
Which is the Best Audio for Screencasting?

Which is better? PCM or Microsoft ADPCM ?

Well, that all depends on your processor speed and memory, and what kind of audio quality you deem important, among other things! Here is the “whole truth” concerning both!

PCM (which stands for “Pulse Code Modulation”) is GENERALLY SPEAKING the same as 16-bit “CD” audio (as most people use it, though it is available in 8-bit format as well – see below), and it is the standard, having no compression at all – every snapshot, from silence to the loudest waveform burst, is represented by a full 16-bit “word”. It will exhibit the highest audio-portion file size. It records audio into the .wav format into a linear stream of samples.
“Because these must be stored as finite-precision digital numbers, the data is truncated to either 16-bit PCM or 8-bit PCM, commonly called 8- and 16-bit samples. 16-bit data has more resolution, so the digital waveform sounds better. 8-bit PCM has less resolution, causing audible hiss in the waveform. It also requires less disk space. ” – from Microsoft:

Microsoft ADPCM (which stands for “Adaptive Delta Pulse Code Modulation” – a mouthful!) allows other bit depths and sample rates to be selected, and uses only 4 bits per sample (audio snapshot), but can move these 4 bits around to represent differing volume levels (the delta part moves the “sector” being represented by the 4 bits up and down as a range of volume levels being represented). The fewer the number of bits, the less information. The lower the sample rate, the fewer “snapshots” per second are taken of the audio, and so the less information again. You pick what combination sounds acceptable. However, Continue Reading

Best Color Depth?
16-Bit Color Vs. 32-Bit Color Explained!

Use 16 bit color for screen recording and that will bring the file size down quite a bit. It also will allow your computer to work more efficiently! But let me explain first what “32-bit color” vs. “16-bit color” (and 24-bit color) really means! Then you may make your decision based upon what’s “really going on” under the hood!Continue Reading

Best Settings for Creating Time-Lapse Recordings in CamStudio

First, look at this post and Nick’s response. In it, Nick emphasizes the requirement to have the “Capture Frames Every” TIMES the Frame Rate to be equal to 1000. (thus 1000 milliseconds, thus 1 second). As you see in the above post, the most important setting change was from: Capture frames every: 500 mS…Continue Reading

Optimizing Your PC Display Settings for Camstudio and Screen Recording

This video was in response to a viewer of the “Camstudio Settings” video (“Larry” mentioned in the beginning) who was having trouble getting adequate framerates for recording games, but it is useful for anyone trying to get better framerates. Keep in mind, that for normal tutorial videos using only a slide program and an application…Continue Reading