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Optimizing Your PC Display Settings for Camstudio and Screen Recording

This video was in response to a viewer of the “Camstudio Settings” video (“Larry” mentioned in the beginning) who was having trouble getting adequate framerates for recording games, but it is useful for anyone trying to get better framerates. Keep in mind, that for normal tutorial videos using only a slide program and an application screen, the normal optimizations are plenty adequate.

I now stick with the 856X480 size for readability and universality for dial-up users. (480p) 16-bit color produces the most efficient recordings with the smallest file sizes and fastest playback rates possible, especially with all hardware acceleration features turned off at the video card level (under “Troubleshooting” in Advanced options from the Settings tab as mentioned in the video). But 16-bit color won’t work with several of the codecs out there.

Additionally, to improve CPU performance just for the duration of your recording, you can try turning off any screen enhancements. Continue Reading…