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A List of Available Free Screencasting Tools

There are several freeware screen-recorders:

UltraVNC Recorder: – Basically CamStudio with some speedup enhancements.
Microsoft Encoder 4: Download link The free version of Encoder 4 can screen record up to 10 minutes at a time.

Free Online Tools:

Screenr: (Screencasts for Twitter)

Review comparing several of the above:

A few others at Sourceforge and other open source (Thanks, Ian!):

Of course, to my mind, the king and ruler of all these is CamStudio for its versatility,  ease of use, great user base and active community! Sure, I’m just a little bit prejudiced… (I wonder who the person hiding behind the moniker of “CamStudio Oracle” is at the CamStudio Forums??) I cover much concerning use of CamStudio here and will be as well in my upcoming CamStudio how-to video series (available fairly soon!)

Try them all out and leave comments concerning your experiences or questions you may have!



* Due to a database reset, the old comments were lost – here they are below, but add a new one!


3 Old Comments to “A List of Available Free Screen-Recording Tools”

  1. By the way, you’re comparing CamStudio, a non-online recorder, with web-based screen recorders.

    To give a fair comparison, compare VNC Recorder, taksi, and CamStudio.

  2. Ian,

    Thanks for that info! I didn’t even know about VNC Recorder (you MUST mean UltraVNC Recorder) or taksi. I’ll add them to the list.


  3. Standard comparisons are acceptable regardless of platform based on general market expectations: consumer desire (not need) and the functionality required to perform the most basic processes. So, take a deep breath Ian and relax — there are many notable web based screen casting systems and, because of their capacity, are included in many comparisons regarding the medium that include desktop versions. There are quite a few desktop tools that can’t hold a candle to some of the web based tools so…

    It’s valid.

    The only downside to web based systems is the requirement to be connected to the web and bandwidth for those on a budget, but screen cast software is screen cast software and categorical comparisons based on features and functionality is where its at.


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